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Your Feminine Potency


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Your Abundance

A 6-Month Sacred Initiation into your fullest expression of womanhood and feminine leadership

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Our Culture is Failing us as Women

If it feels hard to embody your most authentic, fierce and empowered self while remaining connected to your softness, sensuality and intuition… you’re not alone. Our society has made it hard for women to stand in their true power.
But if you’ve landed on this page, you are likely yearning for something more

You want to expand your service, impact, and leadership in a way that feels feminine, spacious and pleasurable

Perhaps your business is already thriving, but you know the way you’ve been operating isn’t sustainable for you

You are ready to heal the parts of you that get in the way of your service and reclaim the true potency of your gifts

You crave unshakable confidence and want to be free from self-sabotage to feel fully in alignment with your mission

You want to fully step into your worth and eliminate feelings of insecurity and scarcity

You recognize a lack of organization, resistance to structure, and overwhelm is holding you back

You crave deeper intimacy in your relationship, and to connect with your sensuality and sexuality in a grounded way

You desire to have more friendships with powerful women that can hold you in your fullness

You are ready to embody ALL of YOU and feel more authentic and empowered

The Embodied Woman was

Designed for You...

The Embodied Woman is so much more than a mastermind. It is a 6-month journey of Sacred Initiation into your fullest expression of your womanhood and gifts.

It is for female entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, and leaders who are ready to EMBODY their deepest truth and alignment, to amplify their impact, leadership, love and abundance from the inside out.

This is the container for women that are ready to be INITIATED into their truest, most potent self.

Unlike “mindset only” programs that teach you valuable information but skip the emotional, energetic, spiritual and nervous-system work… This container focuses on the embodiment practices and integration pieces that create long lasting transformation from the inside out.

Through 6 months of deep support, learning, somatic embodiment, nervous-system regulation, accountability and expansion, this Mastermind will enable you to build the body to hold the version of yourself that you are ready to claim and the things, experiences, and people you want to attract into your life.

Can you feel the calling?

Are you ready to reclaim your true power, and embody your fullest expression of your womanhood and gifts?

To attract the life you desire...

You must fully embody your mission

By fully activating all of your feminine power and healing what diminishes your potential, you will experience more impact, more income, and more pleasure in your life and business

Connect deeply with yourself and your intuition

Reclaim and embody your authentic power

Be the most authentic and self-expressed version of yourself

Heal your relationship with the feminine and invite deeper sisterhood into your life

Reconnect with your ownership as a sexual and sensual being

Turn on your receiver and increase the love, support and abundance you magnetize

And access your fullest potential as a woman and leader

Does this sound like you?

You feel there is a deeper level of embodiment as a woman and leader that you haven’t yet accessed

Others see and acknowledge your gifts or success, but you know you are only showing up at a fraction of your true capacity

You often struggle to surrender and trust yourself (and others)

You find it difficult or unnatural to be truly vulnerable with the people in your life

You are called to bring more depth to your legacy and unleash your impact in this world

You want to feel more free in your expression without worrying about how others may perceive you or judge you

You often operate in your masculine (or unhealthy feminine) energy, and feel the need to reclaim your feminine power

You’re ready to deal with your inner-judge and bring a whole new level of compassion and trust towards yourself

You yearn for deeper sisterhood with like-minded, powerful women

If YES, there is more inside you waiting to be unleashed into this world


A 6-Month Mastermind.

A lifetime of impact.

This six-month journey will help you strip away the layers that hold you back from fully expressing your gifts to the world
Take Ownership & Personal Sovereignty

Reclaim your power from the people and thoughts you've given it away to and connect with a deeper sense of ownership so you can remember who you truly are.

Shadow Work & Shadow Integration

If you don’t own your shadow, your shadow will own you. Deep dive into yourself to access more empowerment and compassion than ever before.

Access and Amplify Your Unique Gifts

Clear away the layers of imposter syndrome, self-doubt, and insecurity to access and amplify the true potency of your gifts.

Gain Menstrual Wisdom

Learn to work with – rather than against – your inner-cycles and learn to sync your daily life and business with your inner-rhythm so you can amplify your potency.

Expand Your Somatic Embodiment

You can only attract into your life that which you can hold. By expanding your somatic container and regulating your nervous-system, you will make room for more expression, authenticity, confidence, love, pleasure and abundance.

Gain Emotional Mastery

Rewrite your emotional stories both in your subconscious mind and in your nervous-system, so that you can show up as your most empowered, fiercely soft and vulnerable self... and create space for deeper and more intimacy in your relationships.

Amplify and Own Your Voice

By living your unapologetic truth, setting clear boundaries, making powerful requests, and taking up space, you will be empowered to find and USE your voice, and keep your word in a way that builds trust, momentum and confidence in every area of your life.

Turn On Your Receiver

Receiving love, money, pleasure, support, and opportunities... You’re either open to the flow of receiving or you’re not. Build your energetic container to feel SAFE to and WORTHY of receiving more.

Activate Your Inner Medicine Woman

Learn how to start connecting with the archetype of the medicine woman and how to create sacred spaces for yourself and others in a profound, powerful, and safe way.

Connect to the Sacredness of Life and Intuition

Learn to know and trust the sacredness of everything and the WISDOM of your intuition. Access a deeper connection to yourself and to Spirit so that you can live and lead from a space of deep embodiment, intuition and connectedness.

"I could not recommend working with Sigrid and The Embodied Woman container enough. It has changed my life and I feel like a completely different person.”

– Luka Rose, Business & Mindset Coach

"The way Sigrid held space for my transformation was incredible. If you are thinking about working with her… DO IT! She will completely transform your life."

– Laura Carpenter, Embodiment Coach & Speaker

If you’re thinking about working with Sigrid, I highly highly highly recommend it. She is an amazing Coach, Guide, Mentor, Sister… she is beyond this world.”

– Bek Antonucci, Emotional Wellbeing Coach


6 Months of Coaching.

6 Core Focuses.


Own Your Potency


Shadow Work & Integration


Somatic Embodiment


Activate Your Voice


Turn On Your Receiver


Intuition & Sacredness

LIVE Deep Dive Hot Seat Coaching Call with Sigrid (2.5h)

LIVE Embodiment Workshop with Guest Expert

LIVE Bonus Celebration Call

Video Lecture

Module Workbook

Daily access to support and accountability


Private Coaching Session with Sigrid

LIVE Surprise Bonus Session


"Work with your Intuition to increase your Impact" Masterclass

"Regulating Your Nervous-System" Masterclass

"Menstrual Wisdom" Masterclass

"Non-Violent Communication" Masterclass

Breathwork Sessions

Forgiveness & Cacao Ceremony

"Understanding Trauma" Masterclass

Opening Ceremony (start of program)

Closing Ceremony (end of program)


Personalized Welcome Box*

Personalized Graduation Gift*

*Personally created by Sigrid and sent to your home!

"I’ve never felt more confident and embodied than I do right now. I highly recommend working with Sigrid and The Embodied Woman Mastermind.”

– Jessika Lum, Women’s Empowerment Coach

"Working with Sigrid will be the best decision of your life. I'm now fully owning the woman that I am and what I’m here to do in this world, unapologetically."

– Gina Frances, Menstrual Cycle Guide

"The way in which I hold space for my clients and myself has shifted to a whole other dimension. Sigrid really supported me to serve in confidence and flow."

– Satya Culha, Personal Freedom Coach


Hey, babe! I’m Sigrid.

My name is Sigrid Tasies and I am a Trauma-Informed Embodiment and Leadership Master Coach, Author, Speaker, Humanitarian, and Modern Medicine Woman.

I have supported thousands of female entrepreneurs, coaches, and leaders from all over the world to LIVE and LEAD through embodiment, depth, truth, freedom and pleasure. I’ve supported these women as they amplify their IMPACT and RESULTS from the inside out.

But I didn’t always feel as empowered as I do now.

Even though I had coaching certifications, yoga and meditation certifications, an epic mission and business, and all the great practices to focus on… I lived disconnected from my potential, disconnected from the potency of my gifts and never truly at home in myself.

Until it all changed.

After being in ceremonies and potent containers throughout the world and connecting with powerful mentors and representations of what it looks like to be both fierce and soft, both wise and playful, and fully embodied as a woman in surrender and ownership. These women that walk knowing their truth and their power… I noticed they had something different. They had been initiated.

Understanding how to embody this for myself, transformed every aspect of my life and leadership, which is why I hold sacred containers for women to enter into initiation with themselves.

After almost a decade of complete dedication to my inner-work (countless coaching and healing trainings and sessions; meditation, books and everything in between) and 100s of plant medicine ceremonies, I have gone to some really deep depths within myself… And I would not be who or where I am today, if it wasn’t for the initiations I have gone through and continue to go through as a human, leader and medicine woman.

Leadership starts within.

My personal and professional journey have taught me about the importance of working on our EMBODIMENT and I am most passionate about supporting women on a mission to unleash their potency, through embodying their deepest truth and alignment.

"Becoming an integrated version of yourself and experiencing all of you daily is an incredible gift to give to yourself. I get to experience this on a daily basis now."

– Bronwyn Maccallum, Financial Life Coach

"I no longer self-doubt or second guess myself when I’m serving others. I’ve been able to raise my prices to a place that feels really good."

Aria Young, Coach & Yoga Instructor

The world is waiting for YOU to show up fully in your power

We are collectively entering a new paradigm of leadership and entrepreneurship, and more than ever that requires we heal and empower ourselves at a deeper level, so that we can be of greater service to humanity in these testing times (and I’ll add, so that we can have fun while doing so). This is truly CRUCIAL.

And leaving the world aside for a moment: Why would YOU wait on you? Why continue to play small, doubt your potency, crave a different reality and feel disconnected from your deepest truth and deepest pleasure… when you can experience something different?

“If you have a chance to work with Sigrid, DO IT. She is an incredible human being that is deeply, deeply in integrity with the work."

– Alexi Panos, Coach & Speaker

“Sigrid is a Powerhouse Coach and someone who’s deeply in integrity, and is so immersed in the work that she lives it at all times."

– Preston Smiles, Author, Speaker & Coach

“If you are thinking about working with Sigrid, I would absolutely recommend it. I could not stand by her work any more.”

– Emily Gallagher, founder of Conscious Boss

Apply to The Embodied Woman

The Mastermind Begins September 2023

The first step in applying to The Embodied Woman is scheduling a call with Sigrid and filling out an application form.

On the call, we'll get clear on your unique situation and goals. We'll answer any questions you may have about this container and see whether The Embodied Woman Mastermind is the perfect fit for you.

(Be sure to complete the application after booking your call!)

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the next round of this Mastermind start?

We start in September 2023. All available spots will likely be claimed in advance.

Do I need to pay when I apply for the Mastermind?

No, your application will first be reviewed by me and if approved, we will be in touch to arrange a connection call where we will discuss whether this is the perfect fit for you. If we both feel that this is a fit, you will be invited to join the Mastermind. No payment is required before then (however, only apply if you are seriously interested).

Will I have access to the calls if I miss any?

Yes, all calls will be recorded and you will have access to the recording within hours of the call’s completion, for a minimum of 12 months.

How much support will I receive?

You will have access to daily support throughout the 6 months and access to me, the support Coach, and the women in the container. You will get coached by me on every group call, and will have the opportunity to get coached in the Embodiment Workshops with our Guest Mentors. You will also get private support from me during our private coaching sessions. You will receive support and accountability in the Telegram Group as well. This is an intimate, deeply supportive container!

How will I receive the content for this program?

All of the video lectures, workbooks and replays of our LIVE Group Calls, Workshops and Online Ceremonies will be uploaded to our platform, which you will have easy access to. All of our calls will be held LIVE on Zoom. If you desire to have your private coaching calls recorded, that will also be provided for you.

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